Q: Can braces really be done or finished in 6 months? How is this possible?

A: Dr. Pham is using the latest techniques and technology to move your teeth quickly and safely. It's important to note that Six Month Smiles™ Adult Braces are not intended to be a substitute for comprehensive orthodontic treatment. 6 Month Braces are intended to straighten the teeth that show in your smile. This approach may not address bite discrepancies. Six Month Smiles™ is a technique aimed at treating the cosmetic zone in ADULT smiles.

Some complex cases may need referral to an orthodontist.

Q: How do 6 Month Braces compare to "Invisible Braces" that I've seen advertised on TV that use clear plastic trays?

A: "Invisible plastic braces" uses a series of clear hard plastic trays to move the teeth. 6 Month Braces uses nearly invisible brackets and wires. So, while 6 Month Braces are a bit more visible, they work MUCH faster and give Dr. Pham far more control over the results. Also, 6 Month Braces don't require you to remember to do anything. The "Invisible braces" on TV require you to constantly put a series of trays in (and then take them out for eating). 6 Month Braces are on "auto-pilot." All you have to do is see Dr. Pham once a month for about 6 months.

Q: How will I look with these braces?

A: 6 Month Braces are virtually invisible. Click here to see! Dr. Pham uses tooth-colored brackets. Even the wires are white.

Q: Are 6 Month Braces more painful than regular braces?

A: No. The Six Month Smiles™ Technique uses LIGHT force to move the teeth gently and comfortably. Like with traditional dental braces, some patients may experience some temporary discomfort. For those occasions, over-the-counter pain relievers work well. However, most patients tell us they just feel a "tightness."

Q: Does the 6 Month Braces Technique damage the teeth, roots, or gums in any way? I've heard that moving teeth can cause root damage.

A: The Six Month Smiles™ Technique uses light force with short treatment duration to safely move the teeth. There is no evidence that root damage or "resorption" is any more likely than with traditional braces, which is VERY rare.

Q: Do 6 Month Braces cost more than regular braces?

A: 6 Month Braces may be a bit less expensive than traditional braces.

Q: Do you offer financing options?

A: Yes! Call us at 617-698-0600 for details.

Q: Do I have to wear a retainer?

A: Yes, as with any orthodontic procedure a retainer is necessary. This is especially true for adult orthodontic treatment. For convenience, we recommend a permanent, bonded retainer be used. This way you don't even have to think about it, and nobody can see it. Here is what the retainer looks like.


Q: Why not just get veneers done instead?

A: Dr. Pham believes that Porcelain Veneers can provide amazing results, 6 Month Braces offer a more conservative and far less expensive solution to a crooked smile. Veneers are a wonderful way to improve the shape and color of teeth and continue to be an excellent choice for some cases. However, 6 Month Braces, along with Tooth Whitening, provide beautiful results without having to make irreversible changes to your natural teeth. Call us today for a free consultation, and we can discuss which is best for you.

Call us today at 617-698-0600 for a complimentary Six Month Braces consultation at our dental office in Milton. We also serve Quincy, Braintree, Randolph, Dorchester, and surrounding Boston areas.